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spill in u.s. history. crews are scrambling to clean up another rolls swell the sun in this instance kalamazoo or enriched energy says on one of its pot pie and a 30 in. pipeline spilled more than a hundred thousand pounds of wild into a creek that flows into the kalamazoo river through to present and shutdown emergency officials to avoid skinner's and booms into the creek open to the nub the effort continues this morning. richard brown market headlines, star of mergers are some mixed the dow finished up 12 points to 10,00537 the s&p finished down a point to 100113 reserve releases its regional economic roundup the beige book as it is called. it should given that. the, released its report on global goods for june analysts are looking for a rise of 1% and walt disney co. is buying on-line search road company play them for $563 million this is the latest sign that disney is becoming a 4 player in the video-game industry. we will see what happens of that. in of the fbi is being scrutinized for possible cheating on test by their own agents. the justice department has begun an investigati
to a head, and news that venture capitalists and funneled u.s. start-ups in the second three months of the year the most money invested since 2008 and the latest sign of growing economy. bp says it's finally gaining control over one of america's biggest disasters at least for now. the company has closed the gap they placed over that well it has been gushing into three months. they say it's only temporary but it is being greeted by hopes and high expectations. if this holds and the sea floor does not crack and the wells are successful this could be the beginning of the end of this bill. tests are being run to see if it can hold back the oil. they should be done by the end of august we will be right back as kron 4 continues. no carrier ring no carrier c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppr,jsú [ john ] i love these new cell phones. [ wife ] he just got a new phone and he can't stop using it. boom! profile pic. [ cell phone rings ] do you guys needs a moment? since john is always on his phone, we thought he'd like using wells fargo mobile banking. just paid the electric bill. wow. he's able
for arizona gov. says the state will appear the ruling to the ninth u.s. circuit appeals takes her to file a report today, they are asking them to lift the injunction and allow the block for russians to take effect. a federal judge temporary pull the teeth at the city would lead to racial profiling. >> demonstrators gathered said the quarter as it was close to the violent because of the emotion surrounding the case judge both the temporary blocked enforcement of the hour. she said no, to the part of a law requiring police officers to check a person's immigration status while of forcing other laws. >> opponents including the federal government's it does for russians were they to racial profiling gov. bert and supporters of the law say it is vital to reject the state's legal residences. >> we're being invaded by illegal immigration and the state of arizona. >> most americans agree there according to a new poll 55 percent say they approve 54 say espy 1070 will agree to a greater discrimination against hispanics, look good this announced rather not the thing block will reduce illegal immigrati
lives with his mother in a grove and a california near yosemite. this. a pickup truck the u.s. driving is restored to his mother. the chp says his extensive criminal record. >> depending on the outcome of this recitation he could be facing a third strike. among his rap sheet by research tells me he was convicted of armed craig robbery and sentenced to 11 years in prison. authorities say williams will be a church with attempted murder and could face federal charges. dahlin pop. kron4 news. >> oakland plays aren't searching for suspects after a man was shot and killed last night that happened about 1130 at the intersection of 19th and webster street about an unresponsive man suffering from gunshot ones are the structures were not able to resuscitate him he died at the scene police say they do not have a suspect description. and other bay area news we now know the name of the man killed by police this weekend in oakland, 48 year-old fred. collins. he was shot saturday near the front yard station police say he was armed with two knives and church at him before they opened fire. they've bee
he takes over as bp deals with the were worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. bp plans to sell assets for to $30 billion or the next 18 months to play for cleanup and recovery the theater companies involved in the got friskers will face a fastball by lawsuits are likely to for corn and the most onerous and expensive legal battles and your sister reached. and partly to allow experts say the fight could consume the belly of the bps are dissatisfied. ellis is a quick settlement that sells all sidekick to be 2015 before trials begin at least 20, 28 before pros and other issues resolved. so far surrendered federal lawsuits have been filed. we're right to take a break, will you back more headlines, overnight the romans and the latest news coming up in just a bit. in a live look inside, shoppers of the camera, just a bit. in a live look inside, shoppers of the camera, 101 will be right back. and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare. exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore colla
in new york for 12 years, is a u.s. citizen, but he is not. >> i get sad, i know there a date that i have to be on the airplane and leave the my life here. >> that is because disease only allows them to be see your six months of the time. >> he can come back we of the way. even if you're in for six months coming year may be the person at the airport was having a bad day, it could be set back. z if they were stricken told the pair said they would marry and he would be protected. its crew. he supports a parisian in the immigration reform law that would give home was searched for couples the same emigration protection as a federal circuit troubles. i think it is important that if we ever comprehensive end of ritual for it should be comprehensive. >> some dates allow same-sex unions federal law does not allow these and the doors to offer an additional sponsorship to their partners this is a political effort to do not debate. >> bridge is a privilege not right. i think there are millions of americans would love the right or privilege are bringing a lowborn this country but that is not our immi
portions of the u.s., china and were cooler. out of the ordinary not normal, minor earthquake in washington d.c. rarely if ever do they feel the it no we feel this one's miner for them it is a big deal. it happened to ours ago it head with a magnitude of 3.6 it was centered right and the rock and build maryland area and no damage and of course out here we know you don't get the damage of an earthquake like that but they're not built for earthquakes. meanwhile series of earthquakes shook the sonoma county the latest before midnight two. it was centered 2 mi. north of the geysers early and the day to large quakes hit the region as well that includes a four. no it happened about 830 est morning will saw some new details regarding the oil spill bp has finally gained control over the biggest environmental catastrophes at least for now the company has placed a cap over the while that has been gushing crude oil since early spring is only a temporary fix but it has been greeted with hope and high expectations along the coast these pictures show you a much different scene you don't see all the oil g
of lawsuits have been filed after its recall due to acceleration problems in several the barack models. u.s. stock futures are pointed cell that is our weaker than expected results did not help. investors are waiting for earnings report including goldman sacks today for the first time ever kindles the books, are out selling hardcover books from almost 50 percent. amazons as of 0 hundred and 43 books for every 100 regular work for the past three months. under motor co. says it plans to sell a plug and hybrid vehicle in 2012. as part of its strategy to push the front of the pack in the race to develop more fuel-efficient cars senate democrats are said to try to break a republican filibuster today clearing a path for an unemployment benefits extension. millions of people sat on the jobless rolls will be received an extension of unemployment benefits of version $309 a week again if it passes. meanwhile 36 record good will become the and the senator when he takes the oval office today. to succeed the longest serving on the late senator robert byrd, that course means democrats will pick up to tha
in june home sales. continental airlines is adding to the evidence that u.s. airlines are making a strong recovery from recession it says its net income in the second quarter was $233 million. the company is combining with court to vote on the world's biggest airline. decadrachm based in santa clara will be flashing hundreds or jobs, they will cut to 500 jobs with the goal of making a profit by next year after the plan is complete operating expenses are expected to fall by $100 million. the economy has been a nightmare for us products across the country a poll finds that nearly half or more of hispanics are really worried about jobs paying bills or server college. 45 percent say they or relatives did not find work recently suspended sentence bennett say it is difficult to get ahead financially. researchers say hispanics are particularly volatile to the poor economy because the level of education, income. news around the bay view live in san mateo county you could soon see higher sales at the board of supervisors will vote on tuesday whether to put the rear him raising measure on the ballo
inland spots. sixties for the coast. >> three u.s. service members have been killed in afghanistan. it is bring the total to 63 now making it the deadliest month in nine years. three died in two separate blasts and afghanistan the names have not been released june had been the did last month with over 60 deaths. meanwhile protests are being held right now on san francisco 18 locations around world over the next several days to the mark one year anniversary of three berkeley graduates. they have been imprisoned since last july. the free the hiker's rally will be at 16th street in san francisco and noon on saturday. market headline stock futures down this morning caring over yesterday's losses the dow gave up 30 points. s&p lost four and a half. gross domestic products will be released. analysts think that it will see growth slowed to 2%. the asset are finally getting value of the federal bank says the gas that assets are worth. disney has agreed to sell miramax films for $660 million the buyer film yard holding an investor group. the houses passed a bill to boost airline safety its
we can do it. word that two u.s. civilians and to afghan soldiers have been killed at a training facility in afghanistan. no information is known beyond that. as soon as we find out more will let you know. >> are rally in support of johannes mehserle ended peacefully with no rest and no injuries they originally started showing support for johannes mehserle he was a form burt officer found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting of oscar granted. a counter protests started an hour later here's what both sides said. >> i'm for the family of oscar grant i feel sorry for them but i'm also for johannes mehserle it was horrendous mistake does he have to be accountable yes but it was a mistake. it was an accident >>> we will make a statement make a point let them understand that your badge in your training it does not give you are raping tissue people in the back. you're there to serve and protect not eliminate. >> officers were on hand in case things got under contract out of control. stores were closed down for about 45 minutes into the crowd started to disperse. >> will ha
on the around border were indeed spice a claim the u.s. denies. they have called many times to release those uc- berkeley grads the government insisting they were hikers who strayed across the border. >> taking a look as we follow wall street the dow was up 43.3 south the numbers looking good a live look at the big board. we'll be right x? weekend violence in oakland that includes several shootings involving officers one of the latest incidents as a sniper investigation of lt. walks us through what happened. >> 11:30 p.m. patrol officers conducted a vehicle stop in the 1000 block. as they were detaining the passengers inside the vehicle it came under fire. the rifle rounds were shot at them quorum in their immediate area so they backed down and called for resources we came and had a lockdown we secured word we what we believe the shot came from after we look down the apartment building sense and officers and conducted a methodical search of the building now going into apartments because we don't know where the person the shot came from but would clear the building and did not find any weapons o
a day. u.s. open napa bar the wasn't his. a small earthquake in southern california was 3.8 struck get for 40 this morning to hundred 30 mi. north of los angeles no injuries or damage reported. 642 and we are seeing a lot of fog around the bay today again not a lot of traffic at the approach to the bay bridge looking good still no metering we're never gonna catch anything. patience, son. ah! [ female announcer ] sometimes, you can get so much out of so little. woohoo! [ female announcer ] especially when it comes to charmin ultra soft. its ultra soft design is soft and absorbent. it has so much absorbency, you can use 7 sheets versus 28 of the leading value brand. so your family can get more out of less. mom's never gonna believe this one. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go. , club we have will love that will doesn't look like they will clear the south >> traffic is slowing ok they are putting a third in the ground right now they affixed the work the problem but a new one and they should be out of your around 830 as far as the water some people still without water fo
rivals in a slowly but surely u.s. market. it rose 26% in the first six months of this year it was borrowed ford's fourth quarterly profit. we will take a break now more headlines read ahead. after a string of violence of 80 police officers oakland says it has its hands full it has to ask federal government for help to protect the city. a live look for in walnut creek this is showing you the freeway traffic moving while complete check gone your forecast and commute straight ahead. welcome back to kron 4 morning news good friday morning i shot out of downtown the flight blowing around picking up and the afternoon san francisco at 54 degrees by noontime 58 degrees high temperatures today san francisco one of the cooler spots back up to it by the o'clock hour. more low clouds and fog for today but really just in the bay area up through the north bay interest and rows of petaluma down to san jose at this hour its in the clear about we see fabre on the coast into more and help as well. of fog fog trucker for set for adm not changing much picking up as the sun rises continuing to
. justice determine has filed the u.s. department of justice filed a lawsuit thursday alleging that oracle corp. defrauded the government in a software deal that involved hundreds of millions of dollars. the suit claims that oracle misrepresented its sales practices in several ways, forcing the government - and by extension taxpayers - to overpay. oracle didn't respond to a request for comment. >> 613 will be back with more of a couple of minutes a live look at the wildfire burning in southern california in honda is out of control 2000 people have been evacuated this is a developing story happening right now. [ male announcer ] whoa, the new ultimate turkey & bacon avocado. get ready for the ride of your life. wipeout in waves of tender turkey and crispy bacon. gaze upon the rad rainbow of voluminous veggies and cool, sea-green avocado all on freshly baked bread. are you up for the ultimate? ♪ then you've got to try the totally new subway ultimate turkey & bacon avocado. carve one up today. crank up the flavor at subway. i even bought her a computer with my new citi forward card. then on
out to the attorney general's office u.s. attorney he's calling a meeting in the month of august fbi, atf. the question has come up because she lost 80 officers as it had a crime impact? the summers are most problematic month they had delayed from june to july and the peak in august and september. that is a consistent pattern so we are going into a busy time right now. >> he says he's also trying to get federal assistance to make to him by making contact with attorney general older appeared they believed to people who robbed and killed a family of three may be responsible for the robberies in the downtown area. o pd released this video of a man and woman in question they say people robbed and killed he had just gotten his teeth cleaned who is a dental hygienist she was not injured in that robbery. they hope this video may help catch the suspects. we will take a break for 14 back with more headlines in a moment. a live look aside your bay bridge approach moving smoothly. new details this morning on the shootout that took place on highway 580 in oakland early sunday for the first time
brown market headlines u.s. stock futures on the rise. after strong earnings from apple boosted confidence we also had a good day with the dow finishing at more than 75 points. nasdaq, s&p finished higher. abenaki is expected to downplay the possibility of recession when he gives congress an update on the health of the economy. the filibuster is nothing but a memory as and the democrats are said to pass an extension of unemployment benefits from more than 2.5 million americans. the house also expected to follow suit yesterday's turnaround effort for me yahoos turnaround effort first with the new tongue. yahoos turnaround effort could allow more steam in march and is best performance since it hired no-nonsense ceo 18 months ago. update on the gulf oil spill the government says the cap that has been placed on top of that leak is still holding. leaks have been discovered around the well should be dismissed their pretty minor or the past few days and the cap was placed over the well to keep all bottled up bpa government engineers have been watching very closely to see whether it hol
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